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How to Help Your Clients Overcome Procrastination and Boost Focus

Here’s what’s included in the Peak Productivity Bundle:

The Complete Time Management Planner: Help your clients take control of their schedules with this comprehensive time management planner. Guide them in prioritizing tasks, setting deadlines, and ensuring they’re making the most of their valuable time.

Daily Steppingstone Worksheets: Empower your clients to break down their big goals into manageable steps with these practical worksheets. Develop a clear roadmap to success by focusing on the daily building blocks that propel them forward.

Daily Planner: Keep your clients organized and on top of their tasks with this essential daily planner. Help them prioritize their to-dos, set goals, and track their progress with ease.

Flow of Time Worksheets: Give your clients valuable insights into how they’re currently spending their time and identify areas for improvement with these eye-opening worksheets. Help them make the most of every minute.

Laser-Focused Productivity Worksheet: Eliminate distractions and increase your clients’ concentration with this powerful worksheet. Teach them techniques to stay laser-focused on their most important tasks, boosting their overall productivity.

Productivity Affirmations: Reprogram your clients’ mindsets for success with a collection of motivating affirmations. Reinforce their commitment to peak productivity and cultivate a winning mentality.

“To Do” Tracker: Ensure your clients never miss a beat with this handy to-do tracker. Help them stay on top of their tasks and check off accomplishments with ease.

5 Email Sequences with Productivity Tips: Provide your clients with a series of carefully curated emails filled with actionable tips and strategies to help them stay motivated, overcome procrastination, and develop productive habits that stick.

26 Images: Use these in your workbooks, social media, or wherever you want to enhance your content.

8 Essential Templates for Achieving Peak Performance!

With the Peak Productivity Bundle, you’ll have a wealth of resources at your fingertips to help your clients work smarter, achieve their goals, and experience the freedom that comes with mastering productivity.

Elevate your coaching practice and empower your clients to unlock their true potential. Order the Peak Productivity Bundle today and take their performance to new heights!


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Yes, these pre-written workbook templates are built on Canva so it’s fully customized to be flexible and adaptable to a variety of coaching styles and approaches. It includes pages and sections where coaches and clients can customize the prompts and exercises to fit their unique needs and preferences using a FREE Canva account.

The pre-written workbooks can be a valuable addition to any coaching practice, providing a tangible tools that clients can use to reflect on their progress and identify areas for growth. Coaches can use the workbooks as a way work, track and assess their clients’ progress, providing personalized feedback and guidance based on the information filled in the each workbook. Additionally, these pre-written workbooks can be a useful marketing tool, as coaches can offer it as an incentive or bonus for clients who sign up for their coaching services.

These workbooks are personally crafted by me, ensuring unique content and a personal touch. Unlike generic PLR (Private Label Rights) products commonly found online, these are tailor-made with care. They’re designed to offer authentic value and practical insights, distinct from mass-produced materials available elsewhere.

Yes, my pre-written workbooks for coaches, are designed to be easily converted into a PDF format that you can sell on platforms like Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). This allows you to earn passive income from your coaching practice and reach a wider audience beyond your existing client base.
Plus, because the workbooks are designed for coaches and their clients, it has the potential to appeal to a broad range of customers looking to improve their personal and professional development.

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